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Innocent :: Booker T. Washington Slavery Essays

Innocent :: Booker T. Washington Slavery Essays

Innocent In the case of Booker T. Washington once can plainly dismiss the idea of charging him with complacency or sycophancy. Such charges are absolutely absurd and can be easily disproved. In a time period where the black race was truly looked down upon, disrespected and mistreated, Booker T. Washington sought to do things to bring his people out of the muck they were placed in. Complacency is the act of self-satisfaction accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies. As stated by a member of Prosecution, “For this trial, complacency is being defined as a state of conscious denial about hazards or oppressions� (Blandford 1). How could one believe that this is what Mr. Washington stood for? As brought up by members of the prosecution, Booker T. Washington’s complacency can be seen in the area of education. As stated by Prosecutor Wilson, “Washington discusses his disgust with his students’ preoccupation with the study of foreign language, grammar an arithmetic�. Such a statement is not true. Booker T.

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